Education During COVID: Three-Week Check-in on Our Students and Moms

Hard to believe that 3 weeks has come & gone for our students! Anyone else think the rest of the school year will go by as quickly!? Or has it been slow going for you?

Let’s take a moment and check-in with out in-person students to see how they are doing.

Grant,1st grader from Evans elementary, in person:
Grant: I have made some new friends. I like indoor recess because we get to play with new things. The playground is marked off for each class to have space and sometimes I don’t like to play with the hul-a-hoops. I got a book from the library.

I don’t know if it is because Grant is a year older or if it has to do with the masks and social distancing, but I feel Grant has been able to focus better and thus learn more because he isn’t talking and knows he can’t just get up to talk to a friend. His reading in just 3 weeks has improved dramatically and he is even more on task at home. He does an emotional check-in each morning at school and I think his awareness of his feelings has also translated to being aware at home. His behavior is improving and he is more respectful. I have been really impressed with the Districts communication and organization. Also been pleasantly surprised that drop-off and pick-up at Evans, Overton Ray, and the Middle School are much improved from last year.


JT, 12th grader from BHS, in person:
Seems about the same. People are doing what they’re supposed to and wearing their masks. They seem to be all adapting.


One more check-in is left before the first 6 weeks are over! It seems to be that all these students are thriving in the choices that they’ve made and, honestly, is there anything more you could want\ask for!?

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